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1992 Land Cruiser 3FE 80 Series Sleeping and Camping Platform

A few months ago I got a 1992 Land Cruiser and I've been slowing replacing everything and trying to make it 'new'.  It's been a fun project since I haven't done a ton of work on vehicles in the past, so it's been a huge learning experience.  I wouldn't call myself a pro at this point, but I have successfully done more mechanical stuff than I ever thought I would.  I've even gone as far as rebuilding the Power Steering Pump and putting in a custom switch to turn off the 'door open' warning light.

What I am most excited about it my camping setup so I made a little video about it.  I'll probably do a video on each of the things I have made, but for now I have made an overview video of the whole setup.  It's still a work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with it so far!

Kosrea, Micronesia

I went on a wellness/yoga retreat in Micronesia recently and it was quite wonderful.  I've never been on a trip like this and I'm sad I didn't do it sooner.  It was full of great people and unique experiences.

I was the only guy with seven women and this is where I really fit in.  I love the company of women and especially the energy of the women I was there with.  All of them were surfers and divers and sailors and all around adventurous ladies.

We went on a few hikes and got to discover all kinds of new plants. One of the hikes was a nature hike up to some ruins and the guide stopped at all kinds of different plants to tell us about them.  One was a vine where you could chop it down and drink the water out of it (we did), another bled red sap when you cut it.  It looked like it was bleeding.  Another was a fern that grew baby ferns right off the tip of its leaf. There were also some Giant Tree Ferns! There were many others, but those were the highlights for me.  We walk…

Video Log: Wellness Retreat in Micronesia

I had the most wonderful opportunity to go on a yoga/wellness retreat in Kosrae, Micronesia last week. I'll do my normal post soon, but here is the video from the trip!  Thank you KK for making it!

Catching up on Life

Life has been goooood.  There were some rough moments, but things have finally come together again and it couldn't be better!  I've been making new friends and staying way too busy!  Here are some of my adventures...
Adria took some shots of me at the bay and it looks like I was part of a glamour shots photo shoot!

I went to California to meet my new work team.  Everyone is so nice and wonderful!
After hiking so much, I have finally found the Mauka Naupaka!  If you don't know the story, let me know and I'll tell you why this is so cool!
I've been learning to much about bee keeping! Definitely a hobby I see myself doing once I decide to settle down in some place for good.

Fun times at a couple weddings!

Daria's first day of high school

I finally decided it was a good idea to sell my motorcycle, but I didn't want to forget about her!  We had a lot of good times cruising around the island!

First time breaking a surfboard.  Most people would be sad, but I was …