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Race Season 2015 Begins - Florida 70.3

Having been injured and lacking training the last 6 weeks, I'm pretty happy about the results of this race.  I finished in 4:36:56.  That is more than 12 minutes off my time from last year and more than 23 minutes off my time from three years ago.  Taking 12 minutes off a race in one year shows me how consistent training pays off.

I had taped up the arch of my foot for support the morning of the race and hoped the tape would stay on through the swim so I didn't have to re-tape in T2.  I lucked out and the tape held!  I can't wait to be through these foot issues so I don't have to worry about this anymore.

The Swim
I did not really enjoy this swim in previous years, but this time it went really smooth.  There were more weeds in the water this year, but it didn't really bother me.  I was at the front line when the gun went off and I expected a mad house of swimmers jockeying for position, but it wasn't like that at all!  It was a smooth start and I had almost n…