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St Augustine

I got to surf on Thanksgiving this year. I am so lucky! The last couple years I backcountry boarded in Utah on This holiday and they were a blast, but I am so happy to be in the warmth and near the ocean. I also finally got to Hawaii for the first time which was a blast. I will post pictures soon. Life is busy with work, surf and friends, but I really hope to be updating this more.

On another note, I signed up for Ironman Louisville. I am very excited about this. I will probably start training in March so my life will be busier than ever before.

I am finally meeting people in St Augustine. I was off to a slow start, but now I have friends to hang out with most nights so that is always nice. But I need to meet more people who surf since the ones I know only go out when it is good.

Well, back to back soon.


So I recently moved to Florida and my life has been crazy so I have not had time to post. I will give a life update soon!

During my move, I came across this fortune a friend had gotten while we were eating lunch and I thought I would share it.

I laugh, but feel bad every time I read it...
On another note, I am absolutely loving St Augustine and I am so happy I moved here. More updates soon!

Ironman St George...Check!

Edit: Wow, it took forever to get this out! Too busy at work, but I wrote the majority of this right after the race...

It has been almost a whole week since Ironman St George and I am feeling great! The whole weekend was a really great time and the race was fantastic. Everyone in St George was very nice and supportive through the race.

SWIM (1:08:05)
I had not done a lot of open water swimming nor had I swam in a big group of people before this race and boy was I in for a surprise. I had heard people were violent in the water but you don't really believe this until you get elbowed in the face while swallowing a gallon of water! I wanted to start in front of the pack so I made sure to get in line right when they were allowing people to do so. The water was a great temperature (about 62 degrees) with a full wetsuit. If the water was any warmer I would not have wanted a full wetsuit. When the gun went off I started swimming in the huge pack of people. Things went well for the f…


I don't think I have ever been so nervous in my life...

With Ironman St George in less than five days I am ready for the biggest event in my life thus far. I am fighting the nerves and I don't see myself sleeping a lot the next few nights.

Training has not gone as well as planned...first with an injured calf and then with my usual knee problems. The calf is all better, but the knee is here to stay. With a little Ibuprofen, I can calm it down a little, but the pain is always there.

With the lack of training I have had to adjust my goals, but I am still hoping to do well. This is my first Ironman so I can't be too picky as long as I finish.

I have made it to St George twice to train and both have been productive and fun. Knowing the course has helped me plan my workouts in Salt Lake so I can mimic the terrain. I also made it to San Francisco again and got a chance to swim in the bay. It was freezing and gave me a good taste of how the water will feel in St George.

Well, he…

For Sale: 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins

You will not find another 2006 Cummins nicer than this! It is the highly sought after 5.9, 6 cylinder Cummins Diesel. It is a 4x4 automatic. It is the Laramie Edition so it has all the options (power everything including seats, seat warmers, sun roof, leather, power back window, bluetooth, Dual climate control, towing package, etc). It also has plastic floor mats so the carpet does not get ruined with the winter snow. It has the bench seat up front so you can easily fit 6 adults in the truck.

It also has a Linex Bedliner, 4.5in lift, AFE Intake, AFE turbo back exhaust, fender flares, tinted windows and running boards.

The tires are Toyo M/T 35x12.5 and they should last through the summer.

It has a clean title and only has 84k miles.

All fluids were changed 10k miles ago and the oil has been changed every 3-5k miles.

This truck rides so smooth in all conditions. It does NOT sway on the freeway like a lot of other lifted trucks. You can't go wrong with this truck.

Call me if yo…

Grand Targhee Cat Boarding

We totally lucked out with our trip to Grand Targhee. This was planned months ago so the fact that it snowed the whole time we were there was just lucky!

We Cat Boarded on Thursday, boarded at the Grand Targhee resort on Friday and drove home and Friday night. It was a super short and fun trip and this is mainly going to be a picture blog post with a bunch of the pictures taken. Enjoy!!!
The Three Brothers

The Cool Cat!

The Horns

The Horns Again

The whole group. Starting at left: Jordan, me, Derrick, Dad, Ryan, and Darren.

Vacation in February

Gotta love time off work! I had a few days off this month to get out and do some fun stuff. I went Ice Skating two times, and I went to the Olympic Oval. This place is HUGE! I have only been to smaller ice rinks so I was shocked to see how big the Olympic Oval was when I walked through the door. I'm not falling too much so I guess I am doing all right! ...or maybe not trying hard enough...

I had my first and second cross country ski experiences and now I am super stoked on it. I tried regular cross country skis and they were great, but I kept seeing people on another ski called a skate ski. They would just zip up the hills and it looked much more fun than staying in the tracks going kinda slow. I will definitely be trying these other skis when I go out and it is not a powder day.

In the middle of February in Utah I climbed outside twice and the weather was super nice! The first day, I went to Rock Canyon and got on a rope. I onsighted a 5.8 and a 5.9 on the quartzite then w…

Mill Hollow Yurt

Another weekend, another yurt! The Mill Hollow Yurt is also located in the Uinta Mountains, but it is not as secluded as the Castle Peak Yurt. When you pull up to the yurt, it is surrounded by other buildings not used in the winter. This is a big change from Castle Peak because you don't get the feeling you are in the middle up nowhere. The inside of the Mill Hollow yurt was much newer and nicer though. The yurt was bigger around and the beds were smaller so there was much more room for lounging and eating. They also had a couple big picnic tables in the center so there was a lot of eating area. We also had a lot more people on this yurt trip. We had Toni and Misti, Alex and Ceci, Mary and Vin and I brought Hayden. Bringing Hayden ended up not being the best idea. I'll get to this later.

We met in Kamas on Saturday morning at a local restaurant called Yolk and I was thoroughly unimpressed. They took forever to get our food out, when they brought it out, th…

Castle Peak Yurt Trip

Yay for living in such a great place. This weekend after a short drive into the Uinta Mountains Alex, Toni, Misti and I had a pleasant weekend at the Castle Peak Yurt. I always love camping with Toni and Misti because they always cook the best food. Alex and I didn't want to worry about getting a meal together so we both stopped at a restaurant and picked up food we could heat up later for dinner. I got Indian from Ganesh and he get BBQ from Sugarhouse BBQ. This was a great idea because we got fantastic restaurant style food in the comfort of our super cool yurt! It ended up being a weekend up delicious food and great people.

Previous to the trip, Alex sent out a 'how to' for making a carrier for our supplies so I put this together and you can see a picture of it attached to my sled. It stayed together for the most part, but he used a poor choice for the hardware where it mounts to the back of the sled so it rattled loose a couple times. I w…

San Francisco Does Not Suck

When I was growing up in California I never really appreciated San Francisco. Every time I went there it was cold, gloomy and dirty. This weekend I got to experience a different part of the Bay Area by spending time with locals.

I had all kinds of firsts this weekend. The first being when I got off the plane in Oakland, I got to take BART into San Francisco. I have lived in Northern California the majority of my life and I have been to San Francisco more times than I can count, but this was the first time taking advantage of SF's public transportation. It was a nice ride and it only takes about 45 minutes to get from OAK to the Montgomery exit downtown.

Saturday we went for the nicest ride ever! Who knew you could ride outside in such comfortable weather in the middle of January?!? We started near the Marina, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, went through Sausalito, into Ross, past Nicasio, across the Purple (but no longer actually purple) bridge into Point Reyes S…

Climbing in the South

Welcome to another great climbing trip! Climbing in the South is fun. After one normal flight and two of the most miserable flights I have ever been on, I finally made it to Atlanta. And the first thing we do guessed it: Drive. Again I can make fun of my East Coast friends since they drive soooooo much. It wasn't a bad drive though and stopping in the center for Mexican food is always a great way to break up a drive.

The trip started at Horse Pens 40 which is right outside of Steele Alabama, which is East of Birmingham. It was in the middle of nowhere! This has to be the prettiest place I would have liked to climb...but it had to rain the whole time. I really need to get back here and get on the crazy, yet beautiful rock. I forgot I had my camera at this point so I didn't get any pictures, but I will definitely be back here at one point.

It rained all day Saturday so we drove to Chattanooga, TN. It was a little late to climb once we got there so we went to …

Daria's Christmas Visit 2010

Daria came out this year on the 21st of December. We had a really good time. On Wednesday night we went to see White Christmas at the Pioneer Theater. I personally think this is one of the most boring plays/musicals out there so I just wanted to sleep the whole time, but Daria had a great time.
I got to take Daria Ice Skating for the first time. We went skating downtown at the Galvin Plaza and she did really well! She loves to make friends everywhere she goes, so she was definitely more interested in making friends than learning to skate, but she still learned to do it really well on her own. I thought she would want to stay only about an hour, but we ended up staying for a whole THREE hours. This is crazy since Daria isn't the most active kid on the block. The whole last hour she had found a four year old girl she wanted to teach to skate so this is what she did. But before we left, I made her skate around the whole rink by herself without falling or using the hand rail. …