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My Vibram FiveFinger Experience (VFF)

When I first saw someone walking in these shoes, I though to myself..."who would wear such ugly shoes?" Well I bought a pair so I guess I would!

The idea for wearing these shoes came from my brother Jordan. He found this event called a Tough Mudder ( and he convinced me to do it with him. We are doing the Northern California event at Bear Valley on October 9th as a Two-Person team named 'When Pigs Fly'. He thought these shoes would be great since we will be running through mud, water and doing obstacles. I agreed to the event and the shoes so there began my research on Vibram FiveFingers (VFF).

Since I will be training (running) for the Tough Mudder in my VFF's, I will give you a background on my running. I started running in 7th grade because I wasn't good at any of the 'normal' sports. I wasn't really good at running either but I wanted to give it my best shot. I ran cross country all through Jr. High and High school. I was nev…