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Life Marches On (the best parade ever)

Another picture post with no real purpose other than to remember all the good times!

A rule to live by!
Alia took first place at the Jailbreak 5k! The picture was no good, but a great thing to remember.
Helping rebuild the Paces walkover after Hurricane Matthew

Daria's first Ballroom recital

Celebration dinner at Caps! I have been studying for the PMP certification for a while now and I finally decided to take the test and I passed!!! Yay!  This dinner was a celebration of this and Alia completing her first Ironman.
Daria was a Pink Lady for Halloween.
We love games! We also love to win!
First cold ride of the year. 50ish miles in 50ish degrees!
Cooking calzones at the Paces! Great times.

Mr and Mrs Fulgenzi

I've been to a handful of weddings and while I may be a little biased about this one it was definitely one of the better weddings I have been to for a number of reasons.  And in no particular order the reasons were:

--I was the Best Man (I was honored to have this role and stand by AJ's side...even though I told him getting married wasn't a good idea.  Hey, what are friends for?)
--Shortest Ceremony Ever!  (not that it was not completely beautiful and meaningful, but they got straight to the point and got it over with so we could get on with the party!)
--Great People (a lot of the people were new to me and I really enjoyed the company of them all)
--Unique Venue (an old barnhouse with a beautiful surrounding area)
--Tasty Food and Drinks (no more info needed here!)