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Ponta Vedra Sprints

Since my Half Ironman I have done two sprint triathlons.  The swim was canceled in the first one, so it was a run-bike-run.  In the second race, I improved my run time and my bike time by about a minute each.  They have been good training for Ironman Louisville.  I'm getting a little antsy so I can't wait for this race to be over, but I did decide to sign up for the Half in Miami in late October.  I can't let all this training go to waste with only one big race!  I need to hit sub-5 hours on the Miami Half as well.

Now that I have a better idea of my fitness, I am shooting for less than 10:30 in's going to be hard to do!  My running is improving a lot especially on the short runs.  Running with the ACRR has helped a ton!  I love my new running group friends.  I have also been pushed on the bike a lot by Todd Neville and Bill Duggan.

One last small race before the big race.  Olympic Tri in Fernandina.  Shooting for top three in age group.

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2012 Florida 70.3

In training for Ironman Louisville, about two weeks ago I decided to sign up for the Florida Half Ironman.  I have only been training for about five weeks, but it seemed like a great time...And it was!

I was shooting for under 6 hours and I did it in 5:00:41.  So close to the sub-5 hour mark!  It was a great experience.  I felt really good most of the race so this means my training is working.  Here are some of the details.

Swim (34:33):  The swim was in Lake Eva and the temperature was about 82 degrees.  The water was so murky you couldn't see the person swimming next to you.  They did wave starts so you constantly ran into people in front of you.  I did like this better than the mass start at Ironman St George.  It was much less violent.  When I swim outside a race I generally breath every third stroke, but for some reason I felt like I could not get enough oxygen on this swim so I breathed every other stroke.  This was good for siting though.  I think I swam much straighter th…