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Reno, Bishop and Sacramento....Oh my!

When booking my trip back from Mexico, the flight home kinda sucked. I had to either spend the night in Mexico City or LAX.  Soooooo, instead of flying back I decided to extend my trip to other places!  I originally planned on spending some time in San Diego, but last minute changes had me going to Reno and Bishop.  Reno consisted mostly of relaxing, getting some much needed shopping done and eating good food.  Then I was off to Bishop!

Ever since I started climbing I had heard of the Buttermilks and how amazing the bouldering is. This just so happens to be right outside Bishop!  Between this area and all the other amazing hiking and exploring there is to do in the area, I had a blast!  I even got my first taste of the John Muir trial.  Definitely looking forward to doing the whole thing one day.  Did I mention I learned to play Cribbage?  I'm super stoked about this since it's something I've always wanted to learn.  I'm happy to now know another two player game!

Waves, Tacos and Cervesas: Welcome to Mexico

Apart from amazing waves, one of my favorite things about Mexico is the cost.  As long as I stay away from the tourist areas it is so cheap to live.  At the beginning of the week I got the equivalent of $100 out of the ATM and only finished using it on out last meal.  Tacos, beers and other tasty treats filled the week and at such a low cost!  Nothing beats sitting at a beach bar, drinking a $1 beer while watching the waves.  Ok so maybe I lied, the waves were really what we were there for.

I met Alex, John and Warren in Zihuatanejo and we drove North to surf for a week.  We mostly surfed La Saladita, but also got to check out the Ranch a couple times and it was pretty amazing!

It begins with a relaxing evening of watching the water :-)
Plenty of Contract Pitch.  Sadly Warren and I didn't do so well.
Lots of relaxing.  This may be my favorite pic from the trip.  Grandpa asleep and Warren getting a massage.
The farewell dinner with our new friend Claudia from Switzerland!