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Jax Olympic #2

I came into this day feeling a little tired and beat up.  Not because I trained a lot this week, but I have just been feeling off.  After winning last week, everyone on our team came up to me before the race and asked how well I thought I would do.  This made the nerves even worse, I need to figure out how to get them under control.

The minute the gun went off, I was already feeling a lot better. I ran into the water and with my first dive, my goggles filled with water....I wasn't off to the best start.  I guess I need to put them on tighter next time.  I was in the lead pack again, but a little further back this time.  There were a lot of jelly fish again, but not the ones that sting.  The swim was fun, but I need to get quite a bit faster so I can lead the swim instead of hang out in the front pack.

I was feeling a bit rough on the first part of the bike and I never felt great, but I ended up having a pretty good split.  There were a lot of cars that got in the way, but I ended…

BFAST Olympic #3 - First Place Overall!

It always feels great when everything comes together at a race!  I felt fresh and the conditions were great!  It was a little overcast and it was raining while we were setting up transition, but the rain stopped before the race started.  The ocean was a little choppy, but nothing too crazy.  When the gun went off we all ran into the water and before I knew it, I was in front with a couple other guys.  I just got on one of their feet and let them take control for the majority of the swim.  There were so many jelly fish and I bumped into them over the course of the whole swim.  None of them stung, but it was a little unnerving being in the water with so much sea life I could see.  It was really nice being in the front pack of the swim so I could just relax and let the others site.  When I got out of the water (22:55), I was in 4th place, but when I got onto the bike, I was in second. Gotta love those fast transitions!  Within the first 30 seconds, I had passed that one person and I was…