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2014 Xterra Key Biscayne

We arrived in Key Biscayne on Saturday and checked into our hotel (Silver Sands).  It was super budget for the area ($169/night), but it was a great location and worked well for us.  Before riding the course, we checked in at the bike store and this was when the unorganization started.  There was no rhyme or reason to how they were helping people and it took forever to get our race packets.  It would have been ok if there were a lot of people in the store, but there were only 4 of us. Once that was done, we headed to check out the bike course.

The course was not marked yet so we just rode most of the trails to get the feel for them.  It was fun and I'm glad we got to check them out to adjust tire pressure and get use to the turns.

The morning of the race, they were setting up the buoys as we were heading over to the swim start.  They said it was wetsuit legal, but I didn't feel like the water was cold enough so I didn't wear one.  There was a little current in the opposit…

Surfing Typhoon Lagoon

Who though surfing a Disney wave pool could be so much fun?!?  We planned on surfing at 6:45am on a Saturday, but it was too cold for the park to open so we got to meet at 9am instead.  There were 7 surfers and a couple people to take pictures.  Daria was one of the photographer so she took all the pictures below except the last one (and the one with her in the group).

With each session, you get 100 waves and you can split them into groups of 25.  You can choose from Right, Left or A-Frame.  We decided to start with 25 A-Frame waves since we wanted to get more people in the water to get use to the wave.  The A-Frame is definitely more steep than the Rights and Lefts which was fun, but you get a shorter ride.  We did Rights for the second set, Lefts for the third and A-Frame again for the last set.  Next time it would be nice to only go with 4 people so everyone could just stay in the water instead of walking around and waiting in line.  We all got plenty of waves, but not having to w…