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Driving Through Sri Lanka

After a couple weeks on a boat surfing and relaxing in Indonesia, it was time to do some exploring by land so I rented a car in Sri Lanka and did some driving!  I was pretty scared at first to drive in a country like this, but after a couple days of madness I figured it out and got through the trip without much trouble.

I started in Negombo, walking through the city watching how the locals live.  I love wandering down side streets to find little gems that are often missed my tourists.  I found some fun local eateries and then went on a boat tour of the area. The tour itself wasn't all that exciting, but it was fun to pick the brain of a local.

From Negombo I headed south with a first stop in Hikkaduwa. I walked through the town and found a place to go diving.  I had pretty low expectations of the diving here based on the water conditions, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of small see life and terrain.  It was basically a big boulder field with all kinds of short caves …

Pulse Surf Boat Charter in the Banyaks (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Another vacation and another trip of a lifetime!  I brought a few groups of friends together to surf in Indonesia and it was a blast.  I've always seen the pictures of the waves there and now having been there I understand why people go.  Crystal clear, warm water. Great swell and wind. Good friends.

We charted the Pulse Boat and if I were to go back to Indo, I would do the same thing. The captain, Marcus was great. He was very knowledgeable about the area and took us to some epic breaks during the right conditions.  The chef cooked us three gourmet meals a day including dessert.  There was unlimited snacks and beer!  We were in heaven.

We basically work up every morning and surfed and ate until we couldn't do either anymore.  I caught some of the best waves of my life that I'll be dreaming about for years.  When we couldn't surf anymore we snorkeled and played cards.

We stared off the trip with a long layover in Singapore.  I have heard from so many people how great …