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Almost Crushing Augusta 70.3

4:45:27 was the final time!  Since I had not been able to run much before this race, I was pretty happy with this time since I did really well on the swim and bike. 

The swim is downstream and wetsuit legal so I knew it was going to be easy.  I ended up getting pretty hot in the wetsuit, but I was happy to have it.  I was at the finish before I realized it and almost swam past the exit ramp.  My swim was 23:35 which was 10th in my division.

2:25:43 was the bike, which I also got 10th in my division.  I was pretty happy with the time, but I felt tired the whole time.  I think I was just out of practice with lack of training the three weeks before the race.  I really liked the hills.  I also need to figure out my diet since I was not feeling well.  I'm thinking about diluting Gatorade next time since full strength was too much.  I also tried those bonk blocks, but did not like them.  I guess I'll stick with goo.

The run was the worst part, but this was expected. 1:50:38 is an a…