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Presidential Traverse

This was my first time heading up to New England and it sure is beautiful!  Nice rolling green hills and amazing views.  A few of us decided to do what is called the Presidential Traverse.  It is 7 summits with almost 9000 feet of elevation gain and about 20 miles long.  The summits are named after Presidents (hence the name) and Mount Washington was the tallest.  We thought it would be fun to do on the Summer Solstice so we started at about 4am on June 21st.  The weather can change quite a bit in this region so we had plenty of water and clothes for emergencies.  We also have all the normal survival gear just in case.  I tried hiking with poles for the first time and I didn't like them at the beginning of the day, but I relied heavily on them by the end (more on this later).

We started at the Appalachia parking lot and ended at Crawford Notch.  This meant we would start with Mount Madison as the first summit.  We started early with our headlamps and went nice and easy.  We decid…