Pulse Surf Boat Charter in the Banyaks (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Another vacation and another trip of a lifetime!  I brought a few groups of friends together to surf in Indonesia and it was a blast.  I've always seen the pictures of the waves there and now having been there I understand why people go.  Crystal clear, warm water. Great swell and wind. Good friends.

We charted the Pulse Boat and if I were to go back to Indo, I would do the same thing. The captain, Marcus was great. He was very knowledgeable about the area and took us to some epic breaks during the right conditions.  The chef cooked us three gourmet meals a day including dessert.  There was unlimited snacks and beer!  We were in heaven.

We basically work up every morning and surfed and ate until we couldn't do either anymore.  I caught some of the best waves of my life that I'll be dreaming about for years.  When we couldn't surf anymore we snorkeled and played cards.

We stared off the trip with a long layover in Singapore.  I have heard from so many people how great of a city it is, but I don't understand the appeal.  It was very clean and organized.  The public transportation was good. Nothing was cheap, but we knew that going in.  Maybe I am just not a city person...I think I was ready to get to the waves.  After Singapore, the people who could not join us met in Medan and we began the journey through Indonesia including a puddle jumper flight to Nias, then a 2 hour treacherous care ride to the boat.  Once we got on the boat, we were will hours away from the waves, but it felt great to be off land. It was an adventure getting there, but worth every moment.

After a couple weeks with the boat, we all went our separate ways and I headed to Sri Lanka for more exploration.

The magical boat!

One of the little puddle jumpers

Obligatory photos (dang, I'm definitely getting chubby!)

Our group!

Dolphins at the bow!

Lots of impromptu naps

Look at all those boards!

And finally some surf pics!


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