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Daria Texting

Daria recently learned to text and this is how our first conversations have gone:
The texts started on Dec. 2 2011
Daria:I mis you Me:I miss you too! This is so great you are texting :-) Daria:Is that crazy that im texting Me:Are you having help? Daria:I dont need hap Me:Nice. This is so great! How was school today? Daria:i didin feei good soo i stad home Me:Oh no, I'm sorry. Are you feeling better now? Daria:i em stil cofing Daria:ho bnanus Me:What was that suppose to say? Daria:oh bananas Daria:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Me:Haha, you are funny Me:This is cool, I just can't get over it! Daria:you are funy too Me:what are you going to do tonight? Daria:if i am feelyn betr we will go rolr skating Daria:this is mi frst time goeen rolr skating Me:That will be exciting! Let me know how it goes
Then a couple hours later...
Daria:Helo dad Me:Hey Daria. Are you going to skate? Daria: no, my uthr dad will not be home in time too watch oliviu Me:That sucks. We should skate sometime. It is totally fun Me:I tr…