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Ironman St George...Check!

Edit: Wow, it took forever to get this out! Too busy at work, but I wrote the majority of this right after the race...

It has been almost a whole week since Ironman St George and I am feeling great! The whole weekend was a really great time and the race was fantastic. Everyone in St George was very nice and supportive through the race.

SWIM (1:08:05)
I had not done a lot of open water swimming nor had I swam in a big group of people before this race and boy was I in for a surprise. I had heard people were violent in the water but you don't really believe this until you get elbowed in the face while swallowing a gallon of water! I wanted to start in front of the pack so I made sure to get in line right when they were allowing people to do so. The water was a great temperature (about 62 degrees) with a full wetsuit. If the water was any warmer I would not have wanted a full wetsuit. When the gun went off I started swimming in the huge pack of people. Things went well for the f…


I don't think I have ever been so nervous in my life...

With Ironman St George in less than five days I am ready for the biggest event in my life thus far. I am fighting the nerves and I don't see myself sleeping a lot the next few nights.

Training has not gone as well as planned...first with an injured calf and then with my usual knee problems. The calf is all better, but the knee is here to stay. With a little Ibuprofen, I can calm it down a little, but the pain is always there.

With the lack of training I have had to adjust my goals, but I am still hoping to do well. This is my first Ironman so I can't be too picky as long as I finish.

I have made it to St George twice to train and both have been productive and fun. Knowing the course has helped me plan my workouts in Salt Lake so I can mimic the terrain. I also made it to San Francisco again and got a chance to swim in the bay. It was freezing and gave me a good taste of how the water will feel in St George.

Well, he…