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Walking Around Seoul, South Korea

One thing I love about visiting a big city is the ability to just walk around and see what you come across.  Jordan and I spent a week walking around different parts of Seoul, checking out the sites and looking for delicious food.  You never know what you will come across when walking around a city aimlessly, and we found some pretty random fun things.

We stumbled upon a few temples where there was nice landscaping and people would come to pray or just sit and reflect.  It was similar to Japan, except the ones in Osaka were much better groomed and taken care of (in my opinion). We came across fun architecture and old neighborhoods where you could see how people live.  These areas were generally very well manicured, clean and taken care of.  We also found some old palaces where people would dress up in the tradition clothing for free entrance (we did not).  But it was fun to take pictures with some of the locals.

Of course we were on a mission to find all kinds of fun food. We ate eno…

Surfing Siargao, Philippines

The Philippines have always been a dream of mine to visit.  I'm glad I finally got a chance and quite a unique one!  It's fun to have an excuse to travel off the beaten path to a place that is less 'discovered'.....or so we thought.  I had heard about some great surf breaks near the island of Siargao so we went there!

I was shocked when we got there, but this island has blown up!  It was so crowded and overrun by surfers looking to score.  Because of this, finding empty waves was a hassle.  For the most part we surfed crowded waves...not fun.  But we did go off the beaten path a little and have a couple epic sessions all to ourselves.  I won't say where, but one of the places had perfect, 100m left, peeling, barrels....all to ourselves.  If I went back to this island, I would definitely have a better idea of where to go to score waves alone.  Apart from that session and a couple others, we mostly fought for waves and lots of people were dropping in.

When we were n…