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Ironman Barcelona

Short on time so will update later...

Swim was good. Bike was fun.  Run was amazing.  Glad I was able to run the whole time.

Barcelona in general was a very cool city and I would love to go back and see more of Spain.

Nutrition: Standard pre-race. On bike had 6 bars(quarters and fifths) on timer and 5 gels(half each time). On run had flask with 4 gels and water, then lived on aid stations. I had two salt tabs the night before, then two in the morning and one every 1:20 on the bike.
***In the future, I'll just use the two bottles and have 4 extra amounts of liquid nutrition.

ITU Cross Worlds - Orosei, Sardinia, Italy

I'm short on time, so minor details here.  I'll attempt to update later.

Finished 7th in my Age Group.  Overall happy about the whole race.  Swim was brutal with people doing anything to get ahead.  Bike was fun.  I crashed once pretty bad and ripped apart my kit and skin.  Run was great.  Lots of soft sand.  I made up tons of positions there.

Loved having family there.

Italy in general was fun, but I did feel like almost everywhere we went, people tried to screw us financially.  Rental cars and hotel were a pain in the butt.