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Recent Randomness

Fun picture I saw in a restroom at a bike store.
Cards Against Humanity with friends!  Best game ever if you have demented friends!
 A day out on the boat.
Relaxing at the beach.
Daria training for her Triathlon.
Amy and Reubens for a day of hanging out with friends.
Storm while house sitting for Clark and Jesse.
Cruising around in dads Cobra.
Daria's first day of fourth grade.
My volleyball team, Ready, Net, Go!
Daria's triathlon.
Kristen's mom visiting from Tampa.

Brevard with Karen and Richard

Kristen and I got a chance to go visit Karen and Richard in Brevard, NC.  This was a double bonus since we got some hill training in as well!  They live in a neighborhood named Conestee which had more hills than we knew what to do with!  We were also super close to Dupont State Forest which had some fun Mountain Bike trails.

I got to climb Caesars Head in the rain.  I heard it was a challenging climb, but it was not as hard as the hills we experienced in Conestee.  It was sustained, but nothing too hard to handle.  There are plenty of small Highways with little traffic to bike on so it was lots of pleasant riding.

I rode the Mountain Bike at Dupont a couple days and it was amazing!  Lots of flowy single track, some ups and downs and on a weekday, no one was out so I had the trail to myself! After riding for two days, there is still plenty of trails I never even saw.  I can't wait to get back there and see the rest of it.  There are other parks in the area with lots of trails and…