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Finally Taking Down HOT!

I'm super happy to have this win under my belt.  The HOT triathlon usually brings some hearty competition and this year was no different.  I came out of the water around third and by the time I was 100 yards out of transition, I was in second place.  I put in a ton of effort to catch the guy in first and did so about 20 minutes in.  At this point, I let off the gas a little and just kept a steady pace to keep my lead (but still putting distance on the people behind me).  As I got into transition, they had moved the mount line a little further out than normal so I crossed it and got yelled at.  I slammed on my brakes and kinda went over the front of the bike, but not crashing.  It ended up being somewhat graceful and nothing bad happened!  I had my best bike split to date of 56:55.  Now the next big goal is to break 55!  I felt good at the start of the run and about a mile into it, the guy who was in second caught up to about 15 seconds behind me and just sat there.  I slowly buil…

Jacksonville Olympic Triathon (first win of the year)

This race was the first time I've put mind over matter and pushed when I didn't think I could push anymore (or at least doing it to a higher level).  I've done this before on a smaller scale, but this time I really had to dig deep for the win.
I decided to do a couple things different before the race.  I brought my trainer and rode my bike for a bit before to warm up.  I also went for short run and my usual swim practice.
I felt fine on the swim, I thought my time would be better so maybe the currents were bad, I'm not sure.  I held a steady pace the whole time and I could only see one guy out ahead of me, but he had a really big gap. As I got out of the water, I was passed by a couple others and I thought the day was off to a pretty bad start.
When I got on the bike, only one person was in front of me, since I had passed the other guys in transition.  I didn't feel super great the first 15 minutes and I got passed by two more people, but then I finally got into a g…

Pictures from New York, Maine and Arizona

It's been a little crazy lately with travel, training and work so I'll just post some pics from the last couple months.  Below are pics from Maine, New York and Arizona.

Hiking Devils path in the Catskills: