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Grand Targhee Cat Boarding

We totally lucked out with our trip to Grand Targhee. This was planned months ago so the fact that it snowed the whole time we were there was just lucky!

We Cat Boarded on Thursday, boarded at the Grand Targhee resort on Friday and drove home and Friday night. It was a super short and fun trip and this is mainly going to be a picture blog post with a bunch of the pictures taken. Enjoy!!!
The Three Brothers

The Cool Cat!

The Horns

The Horns Again

The whole group. Starting at left: Jordan, me, Derrick, Dad, Ryan, and Darren.

Vacation in February

Gotta love time off work! I had a few days off this month to get out and do some fun stuff. I went Ice Skating two times, and I went to the Olympic Oval. This place is HUGE! I have only been to smaller ice rinks so I was shocked to see how big the Olympic Oval was when I walked through the door. I'm not falling too much so I guess I am doing all right! ...or maybe not trying hard enough...

I had my first and second cross country ski experiences and now I am super stoked on it. I tried regular cross country skis and they were great, but I kept seeing people on another ski called a skate ski. They would just zip up the hills and it looked much more fun than staying in the tracks going kinda slow. I will definitely be trying these other skis when I go out and it is not a powder day.

In the middle of February in Utah I climbed outside twice and the weather was super nice! The first day, I went to Rock Canyon and got on a rope. I onsighted a 5.8 and a 5.9 on the quartzite then w…

Mill Hollow Yurt

Another weekend, another yurt! The Mill Hollow Yurt is also located in the Uinta Mountains, but it is not as secluded as the Castle Peak Yurt. When you pull up to the yurt, it is surrounded by other buildings not used in the winter. This is a big change from Castle Peak because you don't get the feeling you are in the middle up nowhere. The inside of the Mill Hollow yurt was much newer and nicer though. The yurt was bigger around and the beds were smaller so there was much more room for lounging and eating. They also had a couple big picnic tables in the center so there was a lot of eating area. We also had a lot more people on this yurt trip. We had Toni and Misti, Alex and Ceci, Mary and Vin and I brought Hayden. Bringing Hayden ended up not being the best idea. I'll get to this later.

We met in Kamas on Saturday morning at a local restaurant called Yolk and I was thoroughly unimpressed. They took forever to get our food out, when they brought it out, th…