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Shut Up and Run!

I decided it was finally time to do a 5k and what a better time than Thanksgiving morning.  Shut up and Run is a small, fun race put on by a friend Sally and it goes all around the road and trails in Treaty Park.  I was pretty impressed they could get 3.1 miles out of the park, but with a little creativity, they did it well!  Plus, it was mostly run on trails which is at lot more entertaining than the road.

At the start of the race, I took off with the lead pack and hung on to them until the last mile 3/4 of a mile.  I finished 5th overall with an 18:50 which isn't super fast, but based on lots of turns on a trail I was semi-satisfied.  One fun part about this race is there is a Pie Guy and if you beat him, you get to take home a pie. Needless to say, I got a pie.  Lots of my favorite OFC people also volunteer at this race so it was great to hang out with all of them on Thanksgiving morning. to Hawaii for a couple months!!!

Don't mind the red lines...I'm not s…

SATT End of Year Gathering

Another successful year for the St Augustine Triathlon Team (SATT) so we had to celebrate!  We got together, ate The Taco Shop (best snacks on the beach) and drank until we enjoyed ourselves way too much! What a great group of people we have. I enjoyed mingling and making sure everyone had a full drink as I tried to 'play' and 'play host' at the same time.  I think there was even a booty grabbing contest and Mark Mondello won!

This on is for AJ

Everyone has high hopes for next year! Let's make it happen!