The Small Details

Life just keeps getting more interesting and better my the moment...but in all the ways I would never imagine. Here we are catching up on some of my smaller adventures.

Always going to Mitch's to work on projects!  He says I am becoming quite the 'Haynie-Rigger' myself which is quite the compliment.  Adria took this picture a while back and I like it because it feel like it shows how I look up to Mitch.
My friend Nicole came out to visit which was really nice!  I had not seen Nicole for about 15 years so it was great to catch up.  It was also fun to be a tourist with her :-)

Daria got her learners permit!
I hate when I go on a trip and then come home and realize I didn't take any pictures!  I went to Maui to hang out with a friend and do some snorkeling and when I got home I realized this was the only picture on my phone from the whole trip!  I thought it was a funny sign in the bathroom.  I have been to Maui a handful of times now and it is my least favorite Hawaiian…

Back to Utah!

I think it's been about 10ish years since I've had some fun it Utah!  I have had a couple quick business trips, but nothing noteworthy until recently!  I went back to hang out with Tonya for a week and got to enjoy some of the fun things I miss!  It just so happened to be Sundance Film Festival, so that was a great time reminiscing on things I use to do with Jordan.  Details are in the pics!

It felt soooooo good to get on the snow and ski again!  The first run I was a little shaky, but by the second I was good to go!  We had amazing snow conditions along with a beautiful sunny day.  We even got to hit up some double blacks which I was surprised I was still capable of.  I was wondering if I would decide to board or ski and I'm glad I decided to ski. After not being on the snow for a long time, it seemed like a safer bet.  Plus, unless I'm in 6+ inches of powder, I think skiing is the way to go!

Of course there had to be some cultural activities so we went to the opera.…

Wrapping up 2019

What an interesting year!  It started off a little rocky, but ended up as good as they get!  I always start each year making some goals so I can try and have a productive year.  I don't always accomplish all the goals, but I did pretty good this year.  I thought it would be fun to highlight some of them here.

I have wanted to buy a house in Hawaii for a while, but that requires quite a big down payment so I made a goal to save $100k for a down payment this year.  As of today, I have barely broken this!  One of my goals this next year is to buy another property so we'll see how that part of the equation goes.

Travel less. I failed this one miserably.  I wanted to spend more time on Kauai but I found it hard to say no to fun vacations.  I am making a similar goal for 2020.

Read 12 books.  I did great on this one!  I really went in the spiritual direction towards the end and I think that is how I will be starting the new year.  Here is my list from the year:
The Story of Koloa

Egypt: Maybe My Favorite Country Yet?

I should first start off by saying that while Egypt had such amazing people and wonderful sites, it was the dirtiest place I have ever been.  I asked one of the locals why and he said because they don't have any garbage collection except for the rich who pay for the private service.  It's such a bummer because while this city is beautiful, it could be even more wonderful if it were clean!

I'm generally a budget traveler, but Jordan convinced me to stay at the Ritz while in Cairo and it pretty boujee!  I'm not sure I would spend that kind of money for a hotel again, but it was a fun experience in a far away land.  I enjoyed some bubble baths and room service in bed!

After Cairo, we headed south to Marsa Alam where we could dive in the Red Sea.  I didn't take many pictures there so didn't post any, but it was great!  Beautiful reef, great fish, crystal clear water. You can tell they also take care of the reef and don't let new divers so areas where they can …