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Great Clermont Triathlon - 2014

This race was just a 'trial' to work out the bugs for Florida 70.3 in three weeks.  I'm glad I did it so I hopefully won't make the same mistakes.  In most of my past triathlons, I feel great at the beginning and by the end I feel like crap.  This race was the complete opposite.  I felt like crap from the start and by half way through the bike I was feeling pretty good and stayed that way through the end.

I think I messed up my nutrition (ate too much) in the morning.  I never ate or drank the whole race and half way through the bike, I felt like I was finally all digested and feeling better.  Next time I'll try not to have 5 cups of coffee and eat so much in the morning.

Swim: It was a beach start where we all ran into the water at the same time.  I knew something was not right when I first got in the water.  I couldn't get enough air and I felt a little claustrophobic.  It was the first wetsuit swim of the season so I probably should have practiced in it be…

Pre Race Planning

After having more stomach issues in Clermont, I decided to pre plan what I would like to do before my next race, so here goes!

Sleep: Starting Monday, the week before the race, wake at 4am and go about normal routine otherwise.  Get to bed early.

Food: Big breakfast the day before the race (also short run before).  Eggs, bacon and pancakes.  If I ride the bike the day before the race, go super intervals or out of saddle. For dinner, have pasta with meat sauce (feel free to add grilled chicken if I want).  Have no Dairy the whole day.

Wake up at 4 on race day and have a bagel (cinnamon raisin or blueberry) with Peanut Butter and Honey.  Have only one cup of coffee and some water. 

Once I have gotten to transition, have a big bottle of water with Scratch.  One hour out, have half a bar (or a couple bites).  15 minutes out have a goo.