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El Salvador in November

Little did we know that El Salvador is a great place to travel in November.  The weather was great, it didn't rain and not a lot of people are traveling so it as super easy to find places to stay.  Here is a rundown of what we did along the way.

We flew into the San Salvador airport which is far from most towns so we had to take a cab to the coast for $30.  We made a hotel arrangement for the first night since we didn't get in till after 2am.  The rest of the trip we just figured out along the way.

Costa Del Sol
We spent the first night here at the Pacific Paradise hotel. It was right on the beach and nicely landscaped.  We ate their delicious local breakfast, then enjoyed the beach for a bit.  We didn't spend much time here since we wanted to start exploring so we grabbed a bus to La Libertad in the early afternoon.  We really enjoyed traveling on their buses. Each one was decorated differently, some played music, and people were always hopping on to try and sell stuff …