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Summer Solstice Escarpment Trail

Another year, another hike.  This year we decided to check out the Escarpment trail in the Catskills.  We started at 2:45am and hiked 24 miles till about 4pm.  It was brutal at times, but we had a good time.  While visiting up north, we also surfed at Spring Lake and visited the city for a couple days.

Trip to Africa

It was time to take a big bucket list trip and I got to knock lots off it!  The trip started off with a flight into Nairobi, Kenya.  We only had an evening in the city, and on the drive to our hotel the locals made it clear we were not welcome.  We got all kinds of bad looks and someone threw a cigarette at us. Fortunately, the next morning we were taking a bus to Moshi, Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro.

The bus ride to Moshi was pretty enjoyable, there was some fun wildlife along the way and the scenery was what you would expect of East Africa.  We arrived in Moshi in the evening with enough time to meet our guides and get everything organized for the hike.  We did the Marangu Route and really lucked out in lots of ways.  It was the slow season so we didn't run into anyone on the hike (until the summit day), which was crazy since it is the most popular route. We also head great weather.  We started in the rain forest and hiked all the way up to barren land. It was 3.5 days up and 1…