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Catching up on Life

Life has been goooood.  There were some rough moments, but things have finally come together again and it couldn't be better!  I've been making new friends and staying way too busy!  Here are some of my adventures...
Adria took some shots of me at the bay and it looks like I was part of a glamour shots photo shoot!

I went to California to meet my new work team.  Everyone is so nice and wonderful!
After hiking so much, I have finally found the Mauka Naupaka!  If you don't know the story, let me know and I'll tell you why this is so cool!
I've been learning to much about bee keeping! Definitely a hobby I see myself doing once I decide to settle down in some place for good.

Fun times at a couple weddings!

Daria's first day of high school

I finally decided it was a good idea to sell my motorcycle, but I didn't want to forget about her!  We had a lot of good times cruising around the island!

First time breaking a surfboard.  Most people would be sad, but I was …