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Kauai 2012

I went to the big island last November and I was surprisingly unimpressed. I didn't have a desire to return to Hawaii until my friend Corey convinced me another island was worth the trip. I am glad he convinced me. I wish I would move to Kauai, it is a magical place. If I didn't have Daria, I would have not come back.

Corey and I mainly surfed, but we also did some hiking and exploring. We saw lush terrain, beautiful waterfalls and crazy wildlife. Corey even got 'attached' by a sea turtle (that's another story). The surf was good, but would have been a little bigger. We got to Kauai right after a long storm so a couple days we were there, it was pretty flat, but we enjoyed other parts of the island when there was no surf.

I met Adria in LAX waiting to fly to Lihue. Corey and I ended up hanging out with her quite a bit. She get us a bunch of great restaurant recommendations and on our last day took us on a hike to a waterfall where we swam arou…