The Thanksgiving 2017 Adventure

This year we decided to extend our Thanksgiving trip from part of a week to almost three weeks!  It started off with Alia driving across the country in the Honda Fit(more on this later) and me flying to San Diego to meet her a few days later!

It was Grandpa's(aka Alex) birthday so people traveled from all over to meet and camp in San Clemente.  We surfed, ate, drank and had a merry time.  I got to surf some fun breaks I've been wanting to surf for quite a while including Trestles and San Onofre.

Once everyone left for the weekend, we headed back to dads place in Carlsbad where we were joined by Jordan and Dad to hang out for a few days.  Again, we ate, drank, I surfed and we all had a merry time!  It was fun to explore all the different beaches and areas since I had not spent much time in the San Diego area.  Alia and I got to eat dinner with my boss and meet his family which was fun.  We experience the horse races at Del Mar. Everyone took bets on the different horses and I'm happy to say Alia and I won more than everyone else! ....a whopping $30.  Clearly, we were big spenders!

After fun with my side of the family we flew up to the Pacific Northwest to spend some time with Alia's family.  We flew into Seattle and met up with Chelsea and ate more good food.  Then we headed to Mt Hood for the standard Thanksgiving celebration.  We made puzzles and of course ate lots of tasty food.

After a few days in the snow we decided it was time to head back down to a warmer climate so we headed south to Florence Oregon where my grandma and papa live.  We went hiking, enjoyed the beach a little and of course....ate more food.  We checked out the sand dunes which were cooler than I imagined!  The whole area was beautiful, but it sure was cold and wet!  I'm really looking forward to more warmth in my future....

Over the course of the whole trip I gained 10 pounds.  I guess I ate too much good food.

Alia in Venice Beach after the long drive.

Dinner and drinks with Jordan and Alexis
Horse racing!  A new experience!

Seattle was COLD!!!


We made it to Mt Hood!

Hiking with my grandparents at Sweet Creek 

Still waiting on more pictures...


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