Hurricane Matthew

I got to experience my first Florida Hurricane! They had a mandatory evacuation which I wasn't sure if people followed or not at first.  I planned on staying and everyone I knew told me I was stupid. I figured living in a newer built house that was not right on the ocean would be ok.  I spent time sandbagging certain areas and putting up the hurricane window coverings so I assumed everything would be ok.  In the end I did end up leaving. It was a weird feeling to leave my home and cute little town thinking when I get back it may not be the same.

Everything ended up being fine (for me), but not everyone else had the same outcome.  Many people had their whole houses flooded.  And it wasn't just water, but with sewage as well.  As everyone is cleaning up and salvaging what is still left it is sad to drive around certain areas where everyone has piled up their lives and parts of their houses in their front lawn for the garbage men to pick up.

I already live a somewhat minimalistic lifestyle but this as been an eye opening experience that again, things don't really matter.  When I left home, there wasn't anything in there that I would have been too sad to lose. I'm lucky to have some great people in my life and great memories and that's all that really counts.

Needless to say, I have been getting rid of even more of the small amount of stuff I own. I look forward to continuing my goal of building relationships and experiences instead of accumulating stuff.

Our version of water storage

Hanging the window protection

I swear those waves are much bigger than they look!

Heading towards us!


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