AJ's Bachelor Weekend in Asheville

What a fun time we had in Asheville!  We rented a house right on the outside of downtown so we could walk all over the place. We had to make sure AJ had a really fun weekend so he would understand all the great things we would be saying goodbye to once he gets married!  I also met some of his other friends for the first time and it was a fun group of guys.  We had a blast and meshed really well.

We white water rafted down the French Broad River which was a new experience for me. They had up to Class III rapids and it was fun, but it was also a lot more relaxing than I thought it would be. If we did it again, I would definitely want to get on some crazier stuff.  The views were wonderful and the raft guide was hilarious.  He was full of all kinds of interesting jokes.

We also did some mountain biking in the Bent Creek area and it was awesome!  Living in Florida, I forget how much fun mountain biking can be!  AJ's friend who lives in the area led the way and after a couple bumps at the beginning we had to sort through, we had a blast.  We started with 7 and ended with 4!  I think the ride up to 5 points killed most of the riders who headed back to the car early.

We also went into the Biltmore area to do some wine tasting where our wine guy did not seem to appreciate our funny jokes and had none of his own.  It was still a good time and we ate a nice dinner there.  Great trip, fun guys. I hope we get to do it again!


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