Life Marches On (the best parade ever)

Another picture post with no real purpose other than to remember all the good times!

A rule to live by!

Alia took first place at the Jailbreak 5k! The picture was no good, but a great thing to remember.

Helping rebuild the Paces walkover after Hurricane Matthew

Daria's first Ballroom recital

Celebration dinner at Caps! I have been studying for the PMP certification for a while now and I finally decided to take the test and I passed!!! Yay!  This dinner was a celebration of this and Alia completing her first Ironman.

Daria was a Pink Lady for Halloween.

We love games! We also love to win!

First cold ride of the year. 50ish miles in 50ish degrees!

Cooking calzones at the Paces! Great times.


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