Being crushed by Texas (again...)

I thought I would head back to Texas after a really bad performance last year to see if I could redeem myself.  I definitely did not redeem myself and I was originally pretty unhappy about my performance, but as time passes I'm giving myself a little more credit and think it wasn't too bad after all.  Leading up to the race I remembered why I didn't like Houston. It is dirty, not pretty and the traffic can be horrible!  Needless to say, I'm done racing IM Texas and will be finding other ones next time around.

I was super happy with my swim.  I started towards the front of the self seeded rolling start and tried to stay on people's feet the whole time.  Each time a person passed me, I hopped on their feet until I couldn't hold on anymore.  I got out of the water feeling good and skipped right through T1.

The bike was shorter than normal(95 miles), so it was hard to compare it to other races.  There were a lot of turns with the new course and it was actually a lot of fun.  I felt pretty good almost the whole time.  I did lose one bottle due to a big bump, but I survived.  Next race I should take a total of 6 drink mixtures, 5 bars and 5 gels.  Also take in one salt pill each hour.

I really suffered on the run.  I felt really bad the first lap and barely survived. One spectator could see I was suffering and told me to breath and it helped a ton since I don't think I was. The second lap I started to feel a lot better and pushed the pace a lot more.  The third lap I decided to have some fun and talked to more spectators and just had fun.  About 30 minutes from my finish the clouds started to roll in and it was feeling really nice out.  Then 5 minutes from my finish it started pouring rain and hailing.  I'm so glad I was able to finish when I did!

Total Time: 9:11:27

I'm glad I went, but I really am pretty sure I am over racing in Texas.  So....onto different races!


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