2013 in Review

Goodbye 2013, you have been good to me!  I hope 2014 can live up to you.  I traveled more than I could have imagined including places like the Maldives, Qatar, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Hawaii, Mexico and more! I'm not sure if I can top that list this year, but I have some good trips in the works. One of my main goals was to simplify more and buy less junk and I definitely accomplished this. 

To keep me in check, some of my goals for this year are...

--Press to Handstand
--Scorpion in either Tiger or Handstand
--Head to knee in Rabbit
--Flat Stretching

--Keep doing well at my job

--First place in a local event

--Fluent enough in Spanish to really communicate and get around
--Read at least 12 books

I have some other goals, but I'll keep them to myself :-)

I'm looking forward to a great Triathlon season and some fun races.  I am already so excited about this year!!! Here are some pictures from this year that never got posted...

 Drawing from someone when I did figure modeling
 When my mom came to visit
 Sailing St Augustine
 Going to see Book of Mormon
 Classes with Jared
 New York for work
 Daria Christmas singing performance


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