Daria Texting

Daria recently learned to text and this is how our first conversations have gone:

The texts started on Dec. 2 2011

Daria:I mis you
Me:I miss you too! This is so great you are texting :-)
Daria:Is that crazy that im texting
Me:Are you having help?
Daria:I dont need hap
Me:Nice. This is so great! How was school today?
Daria:i didin feei good soo i stad home
Me:Oh no, I'm sorry. Are you feeling better now?
Daria:i em stil cofing
Daria:ho bnanus
Me:What was that suppose to say?
Daria:oh bananas
Daria:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Me:Haha, you are funny
Me:This is cool, I just can't get over it!
Daria:you are funy too
Me:what are you going to do tonight?
Daria:if i am feelyn betr we will go rolr skating
Daria:this is mi frst time goeen rolr skating
Me:That will be exciting! Let me know how it goes

Then a couple hours later...

Daria:Helo dad
Me:Hey Daria. Are you going to skate?
Daria: no, my uthr dad will not be home in time too watch oliviu
Me:That sucks. We should skate sometime. It is totally fun
Me:I tried out your surfboard yesterday and I think you will totally like it. I'm excited to surf with you again
Me:I told papa you can text so he is going to text you :-)
Daria:I cant wait too srf too
Daria:I wish i wus srfing rit naw
Me:Me too! I am watching a competition on my computer right now...they are cool to watch
Daria: tha mus be dooeen krasy hcriks
Me: Totally crazy! I will show you next time you are here.
Daria: awsome

A few hours later...

Daria:yo man
Me:How are you? I'm out with Kyle tonight. He says hi.
Daria: hi kil and i em having date nit with mom

The next day...

Me: Good morning my beautiful girl. I am headed out to surf, I will talk to you later :-)
Daria: Good mrning too i am watching tv and playing my ds i hav a prty toonit i mis you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Me: How was your party last night?
Daria: it was vere fun i got too be on stage and saw santa clas but it reely wasnt the reel santa clas close but it wus not rei
Me: That is funny. How did you know he wasn't the real one?
Daria: i no this is not asring yr crestn but i em in bed rite naw ching too gowe too sleep i luv you gnit i hope that you hav a good nite slyp xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Me:Sleep well, I love you.

A couple other funny things she has said are:

i em dooing a pusi (I am going a puzzle)
i luve you hune (I love you honey)
i em goig too kol you soon my litle sistr sed hi

And below are a couple pictures of her and her surfboard. The first one she is waxing it. She had to do the whole thing on her own and wouldn't let me help.


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