Vacation in February

Gotta love time off work! I had a few days off this month to get out and do some fun stuff. I went Ice Skating two times, and I went to the Olympic Oval. This place is HUGE! I have only been to smaller ice rinks so I was shocked to see how big the Olympic Oval was when I walked through the door. I'm not falling too much so I guess I am doing all right! ...or maybe not trying hard enough...

I had my first and second cross country ski experiences and now I am super stoked on it. I tried regular cross country skis and they were great, but I kept seeing people on another ski called a skate ski. They would just zip up the hills and it looked much more fun than staying in the tracks going kinda slow. I will definitely be trying these other skis when I go out and it is not a powder day.

In the middle of February in Utah I climbed outside twice and the weather was super nice! The first day, I went to Rock Canyon and got on a rope. I onsighted a 5.8 and a 5.9 on the quartzite then we headed up to the limestone walls and I flashed a 10b then hung on a 10a. They were all really fun climbs. Even though we were belaying on a snow covered ground it was super warm and nice out.

The second day I headed down to Triassic. This is one of those places where you walk around and feel like a Raptor might jump around the corner and eat you! The area gives off a real Jurassic feel. I mainly got on a bunch of V0's and V1's, but I attempted a couple harder problems but did not get to the top of them. I tried starting Lemondrop (V4), and after a bunch of tries finally got past the first move so hopefully next time I can finish this one off.

I also got a friend out on the snowmobile and gave them bad directions for a nice powder run so we spent the majority of the day hiking to explore the terrain. It was a good learning experience and an excellent workout! Now I know how to give better directions to friends I bring up for a first-time backcountry experience.

After my nice long Memorial day weekend, I have one day back at work then I am off to board in Jackson!


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