Castle Peak Yurt Trip

Yay for living in such a great place. This weekend after a short drive into the Uinta Mountains Alex, Toni, Misti and I had a pleasant weekend at the Castle Peak Yurt. I always love camping with Toni and Misti because they always cook the best food. Alex and I didn't want to worry about getting a meal together so we both stopped at a restaurant and picked up food we could heat up later for dinner. I got Indian from Ganesh and he get BBQ from Sugarhouse BBQ. This was a great idea because we got fantastic restaurant style food in the comfort of our super cool yurt! It ended up being a weekend up delicious food and great people.

Previous to the trip, Alex sent out a 'how to' for making a carrier for our supplies so I put this together and you can see a picture of it attached to my sled. It stayed together for the most part, but he used a poor choice for the hardware where it mounts to the back of the sled so it rattled loose a couple times. I will definitely be making some changes before the next yurt trip.

Once everything was packed and attached to the sled, the yurt is a six mile ride into the mountains. It is a fairly mellow ride, but one part is an avalanche path so sometimes a lot of shoveling needs to be done before you can get by. We didn't have a problem with this area the first night, but later in the trip I almost lost my sled over the edge which was pretty scary!

What's a better way to start a weekend of camping than some redneck shooting?!? Alex and Toni brought their handguns so we spent a little time destroying cans in the snow.

After a Cold/Hot night in the yurt (the temperature varied a lot depending on whether people got up to put wood in the stove), Saturday was an amazing day of Snowboarding. Because of the avalanche danger, we found a nice low angle slope and shredded it to pieces. It was a wind swept area, so the newer powder was a little stiff making it really fun to ollie over trees and hills. It was a great day of 180's, small jumps and playful terrain.
The picture right above is a view from the toilet. There was no door on the outhouse so when you took care of business, you got to enjoy this beautiful view.

Sunday consisted of yet more amazing terrain; equipped with a natural quarter-pipe, pillowed jumps all over the place and ended with a wall of drops of any size from 5-20 feet. We did this run a few times then called it a day! After getting all our stuff from the yurt, it was time to head home. A weekend like this would not be complete without a nice dinner to top it off so we stopped in Park City to eat at Maxwell's. After eating enough food to feed a small army, we headed our own ways to end the weekend. I can't wait to get to the yurt again!


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