Spring Cleaning! ...or downsizing

I've always tried to live somewhat of a minimalist lifestyle, but since we have started boat shopping I have really started to think about this idea more and really embrace it.  If you walked into our bedroom you would see a bed and two free-floating night stands where we charge our phones and keep a couple books.  You won't see anything else in the room.  It feels open and nice.  This is how I like my life.  I'm not a huge fan of clutter and 'stuff'.

Since I've been downsizing even more I've had to make some decisions as to what to keep and throw away/donate/sell. In the process of this cleanup, I've come across some things that I didn't exactly want to get rid of but they serve no purpose other than taking up some space so I thought I would share some stories here about the items.  Some of these items I got rid of a long time ago, but came across pictures and thought it would be fun to remember some old times!

I love the story behind my old Porsche 924.  I got wind of a guy who was moving and had to get rid of this car but it would only start on occasion.  Based on his guess, it was a bad starter. I crossed my fingers and went to his place and offered him $100 and he agreed since he was leaving the following day and didn't really have the ability to take a half working car with him. My grandpa rebuilds starters so I removed that piece and sent it to him and within a week I had a great running car that I paid so little for!  I drove this care for years, putting well over a hundred thousand miles on it.  It finally died one day and I sold it for $680 (not even running).  Needless to say, I definitely got my money's worth.

When I was younger I enjoyed playing around on photoshop making abstract art.  I had one of the pictures blown up because I liked it.  It isn't something I would put on my wall now, but I enjoyed looking back at some of the random are I had made.

These are from working in a nerd office.  I think most of these came from Miranda and are pretty entertaining. Gotta love xkcd.

When I was younger I played soccer for 7 years.  One might think that after 7 years of soccer I might be good, but that is far from the reality.  I was pretty awful and have no idea how I even lasted 7 years.  In all that time playing soccer I scored one goal (and I was not always a defender).  Oh well, good times. The year this trophy comes from my team went undefeated and I was not invited back the following year...I guess it makes sense!

I wasn't the most athletic kid growing up (see above).  I played T-Ball one year and I constantly hit the tee instead of the ball.  My hand eye coordination must have been off...and kinda still is.

From dad's company when we were younger.  This led to lots of free golf for me!

I taught gymnastics in high school.  It was community gymnastics so nothing crazy, mostly kids classes learning the basics, but it was tons of fun.  It taught me a lot about fitness and body awareness.  I also got to play on all the gym equipment which I enjoy.  Definitely one of my favorite jobs to date.

Oh yes, the pizza place.  Great memories and a great experience.  This should get its own post one day...

When I was a kid, I was kinda chunky (or as my parents liked to say...husky).  There was this saying '...when pigs fly' that was popular back then so my siblings would always say it, then tell me to start flapping my wings.  Back then, it kinda hurt my feeling, but now it is fun to look back on.  Once we were adults, my brother Jordan found this little device that launches pigs so we could laugh about it even more!

Oh the good old Nokia 33xx.  These things were almost indestructible and worked like a charm.  Not sure there will ever be a solid phone like this again, but I can only hope.

I started doing school sports in 7th grade (first year of middle school where I lived) and I had a coach for weights and wrestling named Coach Cornell.  He was a great leader and instilled hard work in all of us.  He is probably who led me to have an interest in sports and realize I would get better at whatever I focused on.


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