Life Reaches a Fork - I Choose Adventure

There have been lots of big changes in my life lately and I have decided to put my focus into something(s) other than triathlons.  This 'blog' was originally meant as somewhat of a personal journal.  I like to document my adventures and the fun things I do in life. I also like to keep track of the things I cook often so I don't have to write them down and keep track of them. I originally never gave out this address, but after a while decided to share it with a couple family members, then it kinda spread from there. Now, plenty of people are following it so maybe I'll work on writing a little more clearly and having more fun pictures!

Alia will be documenting our new adventures so we went to the beach the other day to take some practice shots with the GoPro.  They are below.

So with all that being said, onto more adventures!!!!

Funny story about these sandals... They come from Hawaii and are bought in the grocery stores for pretty inexpensive and they last a really long time!  It's not very common to see then anywhere but in Hawaii.  The other day I was on the beach(in Florida) and as I walked in from surfing I saw this exact pair sitting on the beach and I had left mine back at the scooter.  Since I have had a pair of sandals stolen at this same beach I thought someone had stolen my sandals!  I hurried back over to the scooter to verify mine were still sitting on the ground and they were.  I guess it really is a small world!  And I'm glad someone has matching sandals rather than having 'borrowed' mine :-)


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