Two Races = Two Victories!

Over the last month, I've done a couple races and won them both!  The first was the HOT triathlon and since I had to defend my title, the pressure was on.  I ended up having a great race and lead out of the water, then stayed in first place the whole race.  The road conditions were not great with some super big potholes and I almost went down on the bike twice, but recovered each time (luckily). Overall, it was a great day and I had my best Olympic run of the year.

The second race was the 6 Legged Monster which consists of alternating 3 Mountain Bike legs and 3 Road Bike Legs and it is done with a partner.  I had won this race last year with my partner Yaro, but this year he was out of town so I had to find a new partner. I ended up with Josh Hennessey and he ended up being a great partner!  Plus the fact that he totally reminded me of Toni, a friend from SLC was a big bonus.  After about 5 minutes into my second leg of the race I took the lead and never saw anyone the rest of the race.  Josh did a great job keeping the lead and we won by a huge margin.  I look forward to this race again next year, but now I have to decide if I will partner with Yaro or Josh!  Both are excellent mountain bikers.

Pics from HOT

Pics from 6LM


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