Photo Catchup

 It's that time again when I need to clean up my computer so I get a phot dump here! Jetski Diving!  Great way to explore areas that we can't shore dive from. I built myself a new shop! Game night with friends On our way to dive Catalina. We were told we stand the same Spoons! We got a new dive compressor!!! I liked this... Alex's birthday! The grandparents came! Good times on the big island. It's become a regular thing! Christmas 2022 Jackie has been building live edge shelves and vanities from trees we had dropped from the backyard. Still not sure why Jackie ever thought this was a good idea :-) It's amazing how many blanks I can put in the fit! Connor's wedding Went to Florida for Daria's graduation Started out in the Talahassee area with Jackie's brother. Blue Hen! The Ceremony All the growing up! The graduation party. It was a little windy so it ended up in the backyard Ice Skating of course!   St George Street Things from Jesse's memorial Some