Kalalau Kayak Trip

We've been wanting to Kayak into Kalalau for a while, but were not able to get permits for a couple years and it finally happened.  We left from Haena and finished in Kekaha with stops at Kalalau and Milolii.  It was quite the adventure with helping others and I think next time we will do it just the two of us.  Here are the pics in no particular order. Hiking up the box canyon at Milolii Cruising along the coast The Kayak with the owner that didn't make it Brad showing us his old stomping grounds There may have been some towing going on here...

Kauai Sea Slugs (and other small creatures)

I thought it would be fun to document the Nudibranchs (and other small things) we have seen while diving on Kauai so here goes!! Nerite of some sort Caloria indica Indian Nudibranch Koloa Landing, Pipe Fish Pilings, Nudi Plain, Fry Baby Cove Caloria sp. #1 Waikokos Ceratosoma sp. #2 Lilac Ceratomsoma Nudi Plain, Wreck Doris pecten Moloaa Eubranchus sp. #6 Ahukini Favorinus japonicus Egg-Eating Nudibranch  Queens Reef, Ahukini Favorinus sp. 1 Ahukini Glorious Noumea Verconia sp. 4 Mauna Lau, Kamakani Flabellina exoptata Desirable Nudibranch Koloa Landing, Pipe Fish Pilings Embletonia gracilis  Waikokos Gold Lace Nudibranch Halgerda terramtuentis Koloa Landing, Pipe Fish Pilings, Nudi Plain, Lumahai Hypselodoris bertschi Bertsch's Nudibranch (Dot and Dash Nudibranch) Koloa Landing, Waikokos Imperial Nudibranch Hypselodoris imperialis Koloa Landing, Pipe Fish Pilings, Nudi Plain Decorated Nudibranch Goniobranchus decorus Ahukini Kangaroo Nudibranch Ceratosoma tenue Nudi Plain, The Lan